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  • 2012 - 2020
    Software Research Associates (SRA OSS, Inc.)

    Network Consulting Engineer

    Software network engineering and Global Network Operations for Cisco and AT&T.
    Networking and Infrastructure of Mobility networks – Maintain and build service applications, virtual routing and redundancy for AT&T Communications using VMware ESXi and Blade service hardware (UCS, HP) replacing conventional hardware (DevOPS). This creates cost-savings and a sustainable environment which can be updated and deployed (using ESXi and Puppet) when needed on conventional hardware, blades and cloud architectures. DNS record management, record population, access point networks (APN), radio access networks (RAN), traffic migrations between datacenters and carrier zones, service app and address resolution supporting the evolved packet core (EPC) conforming to 3GPP LTE standards as directed by AT&T\’s methods of procedure.
    · DevOPS – Leveraged Cisco UCS blade Servers to create, maintain, upgrade and provision (using puppet and vmcreate) mobility site applications in production and lab environments.
    · Designed solutions leveraging F5 BIG-IP LTM/GTM solutions.
    · Design and build xCAT HPC environment leveraging Cisco UCS and Dell storage.
    · Supported traffic management on Mobility Management Entities
    · Supported current PCRF infrastructure while developing new mobility infrastructure
    · QA Tested CPS – Cisco Policy Suite (formerly QPS – Quantum Policy Suite) v6.1.1 – v19.3
    · Publication of technical documentation and assisted in production deployment of new Cisco applications while also contributing as subject matter expertise.
    · Assisted on new LTE infrastructure testing, deployments and maintenance
    · Testing of new AT&T service tools and applcations.
    · Network routing and DNS and policy record management on a national hub service provider.
    · Analized QNS and Syslog files for proactive problem solving.
    · Performed bug scrub analysis to multiple sites of PCRF software infrastructure.
    · Leveraged JIRA to assist in creation of a knowledge base.
    · Designed and built xCat HPC cluster for computational processing with Cisco UCS hardware and Dell NAS storage.

  • 2012 - 2012
    Accretive Solutions / Adams Harris


    Working on client site Harris County Toll Road Authority as Unix/F5 Engineer. This includes daily system tasks such as backups, user permissions and file system maintenance. Maintained site reliability (SRE) through OS, LTM and applications for HCTRA.org. Other duties include load balancing, vip management, traffic management (F5 networks), Compellant SAN, Solaris live upgrade patching, zfs filesystems, LDOM / zone management, RedHat Enterprise Linux server administration and system monitoring tools such as Up.Time and Nagios.

    · Supported and rebuilt local traffic management (LTM) on F5 networks and setup of BIG-IP ASM rules.
    · COB – Leveraged F5 for traffic management between production and recovery sites with LTM
    · F5 TMOS upgrades.
    · Assisted DBAs and application teams in software troubleshooting and deployment
    · Supported teams in disaster recovery failover planning and implementation
    · Documented procedures and maintained PCI 2.0/1 compliance.
    · Supported business needs during audits by creating new information extracting procedures
    · Assisted teams in infrastructure redesign to maintain PCI compliance.

  • 2011 - 2012
    Randstad Technologies


    Maintenance and implementation of server and network infrastructure on Cengage\’s Questia environment including VOIP, networks, servers, applications from both hardware and software levels. Maintained customer site reliability (SRE) at the consumer level ensuring connectivity.
    Systems used: Debian Linux 4.0 Etch, Windows Server 2008, Cisco 5520 Firewall, Cisco CSS11501 Load balancers, Pillar Axiom 500 SAN, GlusterFS (for FastSearch instances) Arkeia Network Backup Server and Supermicro Superblades and Brocade switches.

    · Deployed and maintained blade servers with XenVMs.
    · Created and maintained failover hosts/environments/Databases
    · Services and maintained Dell Servers with Fast search engines and GlusterFS
    · Deployed new Oracle database libraries for optimized performance.

  • 2011 - 2011
    Canrig Drilling

    Network Architect

    Designing interfaces for on-shore mobile oil rigs and supporting a software engineering group. Satellite communication and infrastructure support for directional drilling. Deployed and maintained software via cfengine2. Supported the Rigwatch application, developers and production support including satellite infrastructure to customer on-shore mobile rigs.
    Systems: Windows Server, Citrix Xen, RHEL 5.2.

    Applications: ToolPusher, RigManager and RigWatch 7,8,9

    · Designed series of demonstration servers for ToolPusher product on protected hardware architecture
    · Created new deployment processes with lower processing overhead
    · Documented redesign new satellite communication with moving remote locations
    · Created standard build imaging via disk and network bootable protocols.

  • 2011 - 2011
    Everfind Resources LLC


    Building and supporting Windows 2008, SuSE Linux, Novell and Vmware environments in project-oriented environments as well as “business-as-usual” tasks. Worked as an integral team member to accomplish advanced tasks and deployments (using cfengine) such as server rebuilds and patching, new architectural designs in hardware and software monitoring with centralized asset management.

    · Supported remote server issues along with break-fix resolutions.
    · Replicated server design to implement in all facilities without complication.
    · Rebuilt new proposals and designs for remote facility servers based upon hardware and software compatibility matrices.
    · Maintained remote site reliability (SRE)
    · Redesigned and upgraded older Vmware servers to ESXI standalone environment.

  • 2007 - 2011

    Sr. Systems Administrator

    Enterprise Operations for daily and project-oriented work maintaining a senior role collaborating multiple teams to accomplish enterprise-level solutions for business units. Meeting compliance standards and reflecting this upon production-based or any potentially vulnerable environments assuring site reliability (SRE) and issue resolution. Maintained business relationships while demonstrating solutions in real time to solve issues that may arise. Building and testing continuity of business solutions while keeping the high-availability expectations. Representing new standards by rolling out the standard along with the documentation to support it. Unix/Linux/Windows System architectural design, performance tuning, data throughput and backup strategies, disaster recovery support, shell scripting (UNIX, Linux and Windows). Security management on AIX/Solaris/Linux platforms through BoKS, Keon and CA e-trust along with general access packages such as SCactl. Other duties include system maintenance windows, technical reviews, building and submitting new technologies based upon company goal-driven policies along with total cost of ownership (TCO) and returns on investment.

    Applications: OpenLink Endur / Gas Supply and distribution, ComSys, LIM information feeds, MQ and TIBCO messaging, Tomcat and Apache web servers.

    · Supported energy trading environments globally (OpenLink) including oil pipeline logistics applications and end user support.
    · Created and managed high-performance computing (HPC) on AIX/Linux/Sun/Amazon EC2 and grid computing environments through hardware as well as virtual media.
    · Built and supported AIX, RedHat and Sun environments via NIM, kickstart and jumpstart operations
    · Installed and maintained OS and applications through regular maintenance via patching and installs
    · Created and managed DNS, LDAP, DHCP and NISplus environments
    · Creation and management of DNS zones and records, maintenance of registrar records for both forward and reverse (ARPA) zones. This includes management of citigroup.com, citi.com and ssmb.com.
    · Migrated server platforms in tandem with the cost-savings initiative and technical refresh from Solaris 8,10 and AIX 6.1 to Redhat Enterprise Linux 4,5 for Oracle Database and application environments. (approximately 400 migrations).
    · Worked with functional teams to build effective enterprise environments that can be easily integrated with existing technologies.
    · Maintained relationships between support, business staff and vendors to create a reliable support path and area of responsibility.
    · Maintained SOX compliance from the business and IT areas.
    · Supported and resolved environments with unique technology integration issues.
    · Migrated Oracle database applications from Solais to AIX and AIX database applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for new distributed computing model designs.
    · Instituted streamlined environments with architectural standards.
    · Creating architectural standards and integrating them.
    · Carried cost-savings initiatives through to implementation by team efforts.
    · Carried cost-savings initiatives into implementation through a focus on technology design improvements.
    · Researched industry environments to build improved performance strategies through high-performance solutions and optimized server design through balancing hardware and software requirements.
    · Managed capacity on demand (COD) environments.
    · Worked with functional teams to build effective enterprise environments that can be easily integrated with existing technologies.

    Other Accomplishments:
    · Built line of communication by restoring business collaboration and facilitating multi-team driven goals through that collaboration.
    · Created avenues and upgrade paths to newer technologies in the hardware and software areas.
    · Demonstrated cost savings through total cost of ownership as well as the return on investment of the technology before purchase.
    · Designed high-availability and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions meeting requirements of various business needs increasing profit value by design

    · Systems: SUN (Solaris 2.5.1, 7, 8, 9 and 10 running up to the SunFire Enterprise 25K servers), Microsoft Windows 2000/2003, IBM pSeries (AIX P570 and P595), Redhat Enterprise Linux (kernel 2.6 on versions 3,4 and 5 with Hewlett Packard Proliant DL385/DL380/DL580/DL585 servers)

  • 2004 - 2006
    Vericenter Inc.

    Systems Engineer

    IT Managed services including systems support and reliability (SRE) at the application and OS levels for approximately 500 clients in 7 data centers around the US. Other duties include technical reviews, implementations (new and in-house transitional migrations), performance tuning, support of multiple customers in isolated and shared environments and DNS mastering over 10 slave servers.

    Applications: Gas Supply and distribution feeds (SESCO, Direct Energy), Workload control management, ETL Data Movement tools (ie. COGNOS), Control-M job scheduling, IIS and Apache-based web servers.

    · New customer deployments.
    · Leveraged experience to assist customers in developing best practices for IT Operations and disaster recovery plans
    · Instituted upgrade paths for existing customers.
    · Built and maintained high-performance computing (HPC) environment via xCAT clustering.
    · Built and supported RedHat and Sun environments via kickstart and jumpstart operations
    · Installed and maintained OS and applications through regular maintenance via patching and installs
    · Built and maintained DNS and LDAP environments populating Microsoft Active Directory servers,
    · Upkeep and replication of BIND environments both internal and external
    · Creation and management of DNS zones and records, maintenance of registrar records for both forward and reverse (ARPA) zones including vericenter.com, wh.sprintip.net and fbi.gov.
    · Attended technical reviews.
    · Supported capacity on demand (COD) environments.
    · Supported heavy security environments (FBI.gov)
    · Successful troubleshooting in mutually owned customer environments. (shared agency responsibilities)
    · Managed iplanet/Apache environments over multiple networks.
    · Installed and designed complex clusters and other high-performance computing solutions on linux and Sun platforms.
    · Migrated customer server/application data into new managed service environments.
    · Supported high-end custom applications such as oil and gas logistical, Sas Risk Management and multimedia streaming over multi-site lamp stacks.

    Systems: AS/400 V4R5, SUN (sol 2.5.1, 7, 8,9), NT4/95/2000/XP/2003, IBM pSeries (AIX), Linux Redhat Advanced Server 3 and 4 (on IBM xSeries 335)

  • 1997 - 2004
    Garden Ridge Corporation (Now called At Home)

    Administrator of IT Operations

    IT Operations Management emcompassing all systems. This includes architectural design, job flow and workload maintenance, Global Operations, information and security management for all areas, performance tuning, backup strategies, disaster recovery, network support, backup data, night operations support, shell scripting (Unix, Linux and Windows), User and all system administration. Network management of Cisco and Micom Framerunners (frame relay) size @5000+ users along with Watchguard firewalls.

    · Installed and maintained OS and applications through regular maintenance, patching and installs
    · Deployed planning enterprise (JDA Arthur AIM) on a SUN v880 server running an Oracle 8i database.
    · Migrated server applications from AIX to Solaris, AIX to Redhat Linux and Solaris to OS/400.
    · Designed and deployed a Data Warehouse holding 5 years of data on a 3Tb Informix database.
    · As Disaster Recovery Coordinator, completed several full company data recoveries successfully.
    · Documented all processes for reference and change control.
    · Worked with a team and deployed 8 enterprises successfully. (ex Planning, Data Warehousing, MMS, EDI and Replenishment).
    · Created structured Operations (OPS) processes, methodology and Performance tracking.
    · Centralized printing between SUN, OS/400, AIX, and WIN2K environments across all relevant networks.
    · Created Visio and Erwin diagrams starting at the enterprise level down to the code level. (full detail).
    · Successfully supported 6 yearly physical inventories for the entire company chain.
    · Supported and maintained enterprise security for SUN, IBM, and WIN2K platforms (ex. CA Unicenter).
    · Provided detailed financial and technology reports demonstrating “why” certain technology was needed including a follow-up report showing ROI (return on investment).
    · Deployed a Help desk call solution migrating the information from the prior database architecture (CA-AHD/Unicenter Service Desk).
    · Streamlined the transfer of encrypted information from Bank of America to JDA MMS system using PGP.
    · Succsessfully deployed 2 EDI solutions inside a DMZ with RedHat Linux and GenTran Server on Windows Sever.

    Systems: AS/400, SUN (sol 2.5.1, 7, 8,9), NT4/95/2000/XP, IBM RS/6000 (AIX), Novell 6.2, Linux Redhat 6.1, 6.2/ Suse/Caldera Linux r2.2, Mandrake 9.3 (move)

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IT Operations
Disaster Recovery
IT Management
capacity planning
site reliability
Microsoft Servers
active directory
backup and recovery
enterprise architecture
managed services
retail infrastructure
job control (master/client)
LAMP stack
Cistomer-facing engagements (soft skills)
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